Backtesting: What You’re NOT Doing Could Be Hurting You

Think backtesting is a waste of time? Can’t spare the time, the energy or the resources to put your trading to the test?

If so, you’re like alot of people (… more like 99% of people!). But I’m here to tell you that by NOT backtesting, you’re *stopping yourself* from achieving the wins you should be seeing… and even worse, actively FLUSHING your hard-earned capital straight down the drain!

In this webinar, I’m going to cover exactly how you’re losing money by not backtesting *AND* teaching you some great little tricks that make backtesting quick and easy (instead of boring and tedious). Get the intelligence you need on your trading without the mind-numbing data-crunching and heavy duty analysis!

Join me this Friday, June 17th at 12pm Noon Eastern in this free webinar – get your logins below, set a reminder and I’ll see you then!

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