NetPicks brings you the Ultimate Trade Analyzer and several other products and services.

Founded in 1996, just as online trading and day trading emerged, NetPicks, LLC has consistently been the gold standard in Forex trading systems.

Based in Irving, Texas, the professionals at NetPicks bring a wealth of international currency trading experience. We believe that Forex and Futures trading hold nearly limitless opportunities for those who can intelligently sort through the data. At NetPicks, our first priority is providing meaningful analyses to our subscribers—fast, accurate, dynamic information that can translate to short sell successes and long term wealth management.

Our dynamic online trading system for Forex, eMini, and Dax Futures markets can be automated with web or phone-based indicators that tell you when a trend is going to emerge and when it will reverse. Automation provides less late-night stress and more confidence when selecting an online trade. Or, for those investors who want to play a more active role, real-time forex charts, forex signals, and forex alerts and a live member area allow you to view the very data that the experts at NetPicks are using to plan our forex trading strategies, and to ask real-time questions. Buy or sell, with NetPicks you’re armed with information to profit either way.

Our experienced team looks tirelessly for significant trends, short or long ­ so our customers can reap the benefits. More than a forex signal service, NetPicks believes in your long-term growth, offering web seminars and immediate, real-time support.

Over the years we’ve received countless emails and letters from satisfied clients, with glowing reviews of our service, our trading strategies and our belief that online trading is an ongoing education.


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